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 stone villa Central Primary School,

 look at Villa View Villa
 boulder Central Primary School 3 (8) Yulian Wei
% D % A Saturday arrived, my father and I went to Four Seasons Garden View Villas.
 villa in front of me and my father came, I saw "wow", nice! We entered the door to
see the window after window on both points, with flashing lights, gorgeous table
makes you be envious. Looked so beautiful furniture and supplies, I thought: "When I
grow up I want to buy a more beautiful than the villa!" For the evening, setting sun,
the only solution in water of days. Through the inlet within the district. Watercourse.
Streams. Water around the pool and other buildings to form water bridges. Water
Gallery. Aqueous painting "all households have running water, everything is a water
feature" Home environmental beauty.
 is so beautiful!

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