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Unforgettable unforgettable travel travel by fdjerue7eeu


									Memorable travel trip unforgettable

 memorable trip my father a lot of

 memorable travel
 memorable travel
 net Wai Primary School five years <5> class Zhu Ying Yan

  in the "51" golden weeks, I and my father, mother, cousin went to a lot of places,
there Panlong Xia, underground river, Yang IV, General Temple, and really let me an
eye-opener! Of which the most memorable places I is May 1st to the Deqing Dragon
Mother Temple.
  in the morning sunshine, I got up early and ready to go. I watch in the car with both
sides of the scenery along the way, I'm not sure how long, I finally arrived - Dragon
Mother Temple. I have long heard of Dragon Mother Temple has a beautiful legend,
legend in the Qin, the river in the Joy lived a wise and virtuous girl, she can weave of
good farming, animal husbandry, can fishing can help predict good and bad fortune to
heal all diseases. She brought up five Dragon. Line cloud seeding rain protectors. By
the local people known as the Dragon Mother. I unknowingly entered the Dragon
Mother Temple, saw the Mother Dragon Temple, the mother of believers worship the
dragon a lot, where the incense long rest, Xunde my tears started to flow out. I spent a
lot of strength, pushed the mother as long ago, learning to look like adults, knees,
hands and took my father handing me the three major Hong, eyes closed, silently pray
that I learn from progressive heart the world's people have good health, world
peace ... .... Suddenly, I feel like my whom pull on the back, suddenly opened his eyes,
turned and set eyes looked back and saw that my naughty cousin was pulling my
clothes, tilted his head curiously to see me his mouth I do not know what to say, I
really was angry enough to create misunderstandings he. Then we walked around the
circle of Mother Dragon Temple. Finally we went to drums, bell, drum and bell
merged into a wonderful music, as people around the world in their blessing.
  bright cloud over the world played, I thought to myself: This is probably the
"honored person move out wind and rain," we reluctantly left the Dragon Mother
Temple, to the next destination - Pan Longxia forward.
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