Two lovely parrot parrot

					Two lovely parrot parrot

 cute parrot two feathers

 cute parrot

 cute parrot
 Long in Chengdu, Sichuan River Road Elementary School fourth-grade money per
 Saturday, I and my parents took to the streets to play, passing through a bird house,
which the birds twitter barking.

  most attractive to me is two Budgerigar, male and female, very cute. They grow on a
pair of watery eyes, red tip of the mouth as sharp as the steel hooks. These two
Budgerigar be beautiful, and the head is orange and yellow feathers, neck and breast
feathers are green, the tail is red, and in the sunlight, shining. Sometimes I would also
like to see two cute little thing.

 one day I watch again and found a large black bird cage to buy a parrot, female
parrots parrot scared hid behind the public, the public will be staring parrot, wings,
vertical from feathers, like a warning for Big Bird. At this time, Big Bird flew away,
are deposited in the public parrot wings, like Big Bird and pleased for the off. Only
the public really brave parrot!

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