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									Travel the universe to find the universe

 Journey to find space universe

  Journey universe Jian Teachers Preparatory School 3 (5) Class Chen Chen
  myth, the legendary figure was fantastic ! Such as the Monkey King, he will become
72. If you become, what you want to be?
  If I were the Monkey King, and I will become an astronaut. My task is: to find
extraterrestrial civilizations, looking for aliens. I am wearing a space cap, wearing a
space suit, carrying a life supply, see, me air!
  the first day, I went into the spacecraft began a three-day journey into space. Rocket
launch to 38 million meters of altitude. I used the infrared telescope to see a comet, it
was actually the long-awaited earth Halley's Comet! It is very light, shining in the sun
like a big diamond! Mars spacecraft parked in Earth's supply of life energy on the
relay station. I am under the spacecraft, Long ABCN80 rocket ride to the nearest star
from the Sun - Sirius B star search for life. To Sirius only two minutes 30 seconds. I
look at the rocket, yeah! ! ! Sirius B star in the midst of right into every factory, piles
of coal. Colleagues and I just out of the relay station a few steps, saw walking in front
of several people dressed in the silver trench coat, came. They told us shaking hands:
"Welcome to the Sirius B star factory." I was surprised that he had, speaking in fluent
English! I quickly called to communicate with them in English translation. We entered
their factories, could not help but surprise, because the factory machinery and
equipment is by far the world who can not explain the advanced machines! After
visiting the factory, we bid farewell to the Sirius B star factory director, to study other
  The next day, I went to Leo cluster, in an unknown land on the planet. That planet
and the star Sirius B has a contrast. Sirius is so prosperous, while on the deserted
planet, silent. Only patches of desert, dry soil, no grass, trees, birds, wild animals, no
water, little sign of life did not. At this moment, I suddenly saw a weathered wall,
something like a car spark plug, look closely, the original sand is full of many
high-tech products. A study was once the original is a very advanced ancient
civilizations. Times due to excessive contamination of civilization. They should be
punished by nature. Therefore, we should reflect on their own: the earth is full of
mountains and the original forest area is the land area of 40%, now only 20% of the.
And the forest area of six hectares per minute rate of decrease! Our ancestors from the
fire by rubbing sticks now have more than one hundred years. At that time people
have worked to tear down trees for our houses, firewood. What is expected, according
to this schedule (the time is now felling has been more cutting more) tens of
thousands of years later, the earth less than 100 hectares of forest had! We went to the
Andromeda cluster core, a planet, the planet has mountains, water, grass, trees, insects,
fish, and many creatures like dinosaurs, but also north and south poles, icebergs,
glacial lake. At first glance, a bit like three million years ago the Earth too!
  on the third day, I came to the third relay station - Saturn relay station to add nuclear
power, atomic energy, neutron energy, ready to go to another universe. Spacecraft
flew straight wormhole, wormhole entrance is deep, terrible black hole. We use
energy conversion technology, the black hole where all the energy absorption to make
the spacecraft more power. Wormhole deep, to three years to pass, I use a lot of time
to absorb the energy black hole, so that three years into three hours. Three hours later,
smooth out the wormhole, I export from the wormhole - white hole "bomb" out. Wow!
This is entirely different from our universe! Planet, like the grass as the grass close,
believe it will hit the ball where stars. Because of this, so several pipe rack between
two planets can travel to another planet, and really fun! However, just over the
"green" has come to the "wilderness" of. Every planet hundreds of millions of Gigabit
years there will not be! Compared to "lawn" is really a heaven and earth! If the "lawn"
in the transfer of some of the planet to "The Waste Land" in just fine. Three days, time
flies! I really do not give up this beautiful, mysterious universe ah! But the change has
expired, I must obey orders ah!
  mystery of the universe requires a new generation to explore the twenty-first century.
Hope that one day, the twenty-first century, young people like me will travel into
space, and to find more magic!
  Notes: wormhole: the entrance is another universe.
  white hole: spit out only the objects, and never inhale anything.
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