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					Pleasant weekend of the Three Gorges weekend

 pleasant weekend Huangmei County of the Three Gorges

 pleasant weekend

 pleasant weekend
 Huang Mei Huangmei County in Hubei Province Koike County, a small town 403
classes Luo Lan

 Li Bai had "elements in White clouds toward speech, the thousands of miles on
either Gangneung, Monkeys continuous cries, boat has been for the island .
"well-known lines. This poem describes the beauty of the Three Gorges. I yearn for a
long time, on March 8 this year, parents can finally take me to tour the Three Gorges.

 Huangmei County car we came to Yichang City, by the cruise, the waiter helped us
arrange the room, I am very excited, and small partners on board ran. Opened the
evening boat. Passing the Gezhouba through locks, entered the Three Gorges of the
Xiling Gorge, the longest of which is a gorge of the Three Gorges, Yichang, South
Pass in the east, west Xiangxi River, canyon, cross rugged rock formations, dangerous
cliff Qiao Li, apes difficult climb. Beach more rapid current, to risk known.

  through Xiling Gorge, the boat drove Youxiang Wushan, guides aunt gave us an
introduction Gorge, from the East Daning River in Wushan County, the only crossing
to the magistrate Padang, 46 km , called the large gorge to the beautiful deep
trespassing Church in the world, the Three Gorges on both sides of Castle Peak
constantly, peaks such as the screen, Ship Channel, sometimes the mountains present,
suspect trackless stone plug, Hu You took a dramatic turn, Yunkai do some day,
Galleries like a roundabout. Gorge cross peaks to 12 peaks for the odd, they are
distinctive, especially the most fiber Li Qi Qiao Goddess Peak. Evening, the boat
stopped in Wushan County, mother and aunt took me to the shore to play in Wushan
County Plaza, Wushan County hillside, the same building as the building blocks
arranged in neat rows, row upon row, very spectacular, there is little known in

 The next morning, we had finished our breakfast, went to visit the Small Three
Gorges in Wushan, Three Gorges of the Yangtze Three Gorges in Wushan small first
Daning River in Wushan County of Longmen Gorge, Misty Gorge, Dicui Gap in the
general length of 50 km. Gap in the clear water flowing, peaks towering, verdant trees,
monkeys sound bursts, wild startle, birds of rippling, Mandarin Duck Mandarin Duck
playing in the water, forming an impressive natural water wonderful gallery. Then we
went to Little Three Gorges, Little Three butterfly is Daning River tributary
downstream of the three-horse time support Gap, the King of Qin Gorge, Three
Gorges section of Long Beach Canyon general, where peaks and diverse landscape
serves as contrast, beautiful scenery, water flat, clear bottom, cross-strait
confrontation cliffs, steeply climbed, the narrow river, the heavens opened line, like a
Kit Kat Ling Long River valley bonsai, there are irresistible temptations.

  swim after the Small Three Gorges, we return to large cruise ships. Waves Youxiang
Qutang leisure boat fled, first in the Three Gorges Qutangxia ports of the west,
Baidicheng, Town of Wushan Mountain in the east, length 8 km, is famous for its
magnificent. Qutang Valley narrow corridors, steep cliff sides like Wall, Guo had this
issue "if the word different scenery, the Three Gorges North to Quebec," the
praise ... ...

 trip to the Three Gorges grand mother I see spectacular scenery, so I appreciate the
beautiful Three Gorges, the Three Gorges of the strange and dangerous to see the
Three Gorges Chinese spectacle indeed, the world must view.

 Instructor: Tsai

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