; They learned to swim swim record
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They learned to swim swim record


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									They learned to swim record swim

 swimming mom but their

 school swim school record

 record swim the river the city of Hebei Province of China Oil 13 Three fourth grade
school children Rui

  summer vacation, my mother took me to the Shijiazhuang Tianshan Sea World to
swim. "Yo! This little girl can travel well!" "Mom, Little Sister in the water, like a
beautiful mermaid!" ... ... Swimming when many adults and children can not help
children to sit and watch as I turned my for yourself, and I am glad. Also some of the
children want me to teach them to swim !----- The reason why I get so many
compliments, thanks to my "African" coach.
  talk about learning to swim there is a small episode in it. A few days ago I was in
Beijing, saw his cousin in the water, "such as fish like water" in swimming, I envy
great! I am anxious to come back with the father said: "I want to learn how to swim!"
At that time my father was watching television, no seriously, I say that out loud again.
Dad's not ill-wishers looked up, said: "Rui is also anxious time, incredible! ... ..." Hey,
hey! "" Rattle when! "" Don Don! "I 三下五除二, of force to resolve --- Dad asked
me to learn how to swim a.
  swim in the first days." Rui, you must be a good start, ah! "I secretly for their own
  I just walked into the locker room, I could hear them call out," the teacher arrived,
the teacher is coming! "I thought going to be late too! So I drive for a swimsuit to
wear against the results, or next to the small sister reminded me! Or I would have
anti-wearing bathing suits and headed for class! A result, they head to the pool as the
coach, really mad at me! ... ...
  moment came the sun with the Africans as a people coming toward us. This is our
coach. "thiophene wow! Haohei Yeah! "I was surprised to say. And then I heard
people say next:" The teacher's Haocan sun ah! "... ...
" to something, and class! "The teacher began by name, and his voice can be really
big! In the front row of my ears have been deafened up. Fortunately, after a
pre-manufacture of a" noise. "First of all, one coach assigned to us 2 board children:
together with rope, and there is a light board together. Coach let us board with a rope
tied around the waist must be children fastened to another piece on the floor. and then
coach to take us into the water to do Training - The swimming exercise. "third from
left fist and right fist, neck shilly shilly-ass, we do with sports! ... ... "I sang softly
under the fear of being coach found. The results were most worried about what would
happen almost, you talk about in the end I should thank him?! Or to blame him?! I
just sing next time a child laughs in there, the results found by the teacher. coach
asked, he said: "is my own giggly! ... ... "It makes me very moved.
" good, water it! "We are all waiting for coaches say this too! I can not wait rushing
first into the water, I am bold eyes closed" splash "and jumped down, a pair of strong
hands caught the big I was the coach. Just begun to play When I thought would fall
off, and did not think children can come in handy piece of board, and it is like a hand
as I enabled this, always keep floating on the water.
  after my hard work and practice finally achieved a good ranking: 4th class. Next we
learn suffocating:
  coach, said: "smoke on the water first breath, and then popped her head in the water,
let the body float up on it ! Try your own! "So I said to do according to coach, before
long, I learned to feel suffocated. The next step is remove them board their tour, so
that line Well, I will not sink? This time, the coach of the" noise "over Biography "let
go, You! Believe in yourself! "Really is such thing, I will swim a ... ...
  students must remember that there are not things or knowledge have to asked the
teacher and the dictionary, the dictionary is capable teachers and assistants Oh!!! !!!

 Teacher: JIANGXI
 Comment: very involved emotionally!
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