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					Nanwanhoudao then came to

  cable car to then
  monkey in Hainan Lingshui, there is a well-known attractions - that is,
Nanwanhoudao. Today, our whole family came here to play on.
  drained team, we boarded a stimulus across the Strait of more than 3000 m long
cable car, the cable car, and I could be the sea, attracted by the mountain scenery, the
sea there are many rooms, is the name of their living fishing of. I ascend the cable car
overlooking the high, distant views of panoramic view, is that still the white spray,
like a blossoming white flowers blooming smiles, having fun. After about ten minutes,
we came to Monkey Island. Tour guide said, can not bring their own food they feed
the monkey; Do not tantalize monkeys, or engage in deceptive action to prevent the
trigger attacks. We all understand, and then came to the place of monkeys performing
acrobatics. Those trained monkeys, who called the command of the stage bow,
monkey on a courtesy call station station, called the ride with. The most exciting is
the tightrope the miracle goat monkey back, we saw goats on the wires carefully to
foot, and slowly move forward step by step ... ... ... ... 2 three-step, goat a success! We
the audience cheers, applause sounds like thunder explode. Then, the monkeys began
to cyclists, and all face the spring breeze, as if to say: "Hey! I will bike Oh!" I took a
photo with the monkey do. Finally, we took a few good pictures of monkeys, seated
cable car to leave though Nanwanhoudao.
  Nanwanhoudao, I came to Hainan You played the most fun attractions, especially
those high and there are more than 3000 m long cable car. Monkey Island, I will not
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