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					The naughty boy naughty boy in our class as

 naughty boy as a teacher girls

 naughty boy in our class

 naughty boy in our class
 four experimental primary school in Nanjing County of Fujian Province (3) Huang
Ruo Ling
 to talk about the naughty boy in our class, it must be a student of the famous Liu
Shaoyi. We want to hear me

 introduced him?

 Liu Shaoyi sub-major, but like me, sitting front row. The reason is: he class and do
not listen carefully, work poured

 Cheng, scores a mess. The teacher let him sit in front of him to live a good pipe. His
skin is brown, dark eyes,

 nose is sort of a small, Zuiyi Zhang open to reveal two large eye teeth, saw the fear.

 "woven class -" He loudly yelling. Soon after, he flew the same way outside the
classroom to play the. This is

 No, he and the boys ended up in droves, "cannon" to "attack" girls. We met the girls
ran away,

 frightened by their panic. Liu Shaoyi laughed triumphantly, said: "Haha, girls are

 Hey, do not proud of too early, and we girls were also "Women Heroes", they dared
to stand up, to stop him

 are. Liu Shaoyi met in a hurry with his "comrades" escaped across the. He also
clamoring to girls, "reported

 hatred" mean!

  class, he is embarrassed to make out. He single-minded thinking about how, in this
lesson, "and try to",

 for their own fame. Teachers are eloquent lectures, under his playing tricks, or use a
ruler to shoot
 dozen tables, or to talk to himself incessantly. The teacher asked him to stand up, he
put on a timid

 look, blushing stand up. I think: If Liu Shaoyi matched with the last orchid fingers,
some like a standard girl!

 teacher did not fine him, let him read a passage. This is not easy! He read slowly,
sometimes hesitant,

 sometimes deliberately read typo, the students burst into laughter, he is not correct,
still read. Teachers seem helpless,

 Liu Shaoyi sat down, calmly smiled pleasantly.

 Liu Shaoyi is not hopeless, He was very generous to his students to borrow
something, he always generosity,

 responsive. Once, I forgot to bring natural books, lend me he knew immediately after,
and at the same table with their own look.

 Liu Shaoyi is not very naughty ah?

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