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									The importance of environmental importance Earth

 global environmental importance of the human

 importance of environmental protection

 The importance of environmental protection in Guangdong Province
 Panyu Lotus Hill Primary School for three years (2) Ban Yong-Xia
 father took me today to go to a bookstore nearby, there are many kinds of books, I
would like to buy them all, but This is impossible, I had to pick a few I like to buy

  look at home I picked up a book, which read a lot about protecting the environment,
protection of the Earth. After reading this book I had experience very deeply. The
natural environment is the human habitat, is also the source of the material of human
life, the environment in many aspects of our lives better, and how we treat the
environment? Trees to be felled to meet the various needs; to oil and coal mining in
wait for them to dig all the resources of dry crust. Made me aware of life on Earth
(animals and plants) is to the extinction rate of one a day away, survival has been
extended to the earth from human interdependence of all species. If one day, the trees
gone, the water gone, the animals did not, then who in turn how to survive it? So let
us remember that the protection of the environment, then how important it is about
energy. Love our planet Earth would soon Sphere it!

  Well, let's start from the little things around, bit by bit to protect the environment we
live it!

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