The fate of a tree a tree children

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					The fate of a tree a tree children

 fate of a tree child children

  fate of a tree,
  center Xiuning Qiyunshan a fourth-grade Cao Junqian tree growth are happy with,
he was very lush, his wish is to be a useful person. Every day, people are like to get in
under the tree, sunny day, shading his people, rain, rain for his people, he was always
quietly doing these.
  one day, around the tree to a group of children greeted warmly of their trees, some of
the kids who climb trees, some tree branches hanging swing, and finally, the tree
could not help suffering fainted . Not sure how long, he slowly woke up, only to feel
pain all over my body, and felt a pain in particular, had a broken arm the children, he
looked difficult to distance, the group of children playing on horseback game, he can
recognize the children themselves under the "horse" is his arm ah! He sighed with
resignation: hey, these mischievously boy! Cried the tree, his first crying so sad, so
  time went by, the tree side of healing, while continuing to serve you in silence. Good
day after the injury, he saw a man holding an ax toward him, "I will not be Laikan
you?" Tree suspense. Unfortunately, something happened, the tree just felt a sharp
pain, he fainted. When he woke up is the next day, his upper body had been carried
away by people, only the scores still have it, wound the blood has solidified, waist
also hung a sign that read "prohibited broken branches." Tree only feel pain, but the
only thing that he was pleased that his disability has awakened people to protect his
brothers and sisters.
  In this way, the rain tree small tree with disabilities carefully protect this brand ... ...
  Teacher: Li You Xian
  Comment: Comment: start small on a wealth of imagination, through the tree vivid
description of the tree misfortune, the environmental awareness of the protection of
trees show thoroughly.
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