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									Teng Zijinshan mind mind

 Purple to mind crawling

 Teng Purple Mountain

 Teng Purple Mountain, Jiangsu Province Red Cliff Road Primary School in Nanjing,
Nanjing 3 (2), Jiang Hongbo
 class today, I got up early in the morning, because the king wants to bring people in
Nanjing we climb so-called "Mother Mountain", which is Purple.

 I went to the meeting place ---- Ying Tuo village, he and students scrambling up hill
with the crazy, catch-me along the way, the parents are far behind. Climbed and
climbed and mountain at the foot of the things looking more and more smaller, but
more and more steep mountain road, I crawl crawl, gradually feet refuses to write,
then, my head sticking up out of a voice: "Stop rest yourself, there are a lot of students
behind me yet." Zhu Lijun can I see in front of me they have come, and I head a voice
emerged: "to climb Yeah, insisted in the end is victory !. " Turning back to look at
other classmates also climb Sweating like, no one stopped to rest, so I canceled the
rest of the idea, crawled up to the Peak to continue.

  to halfway up the mountain, that I usually do not see the scenery, the woods, deep
plot with Banchi leaves, like a golden carpet on the trails in the mountains, it is very
elegant. Some trees stood bare, as if to be ruthless beautiful clothes fall off, and some
trees, although not completely off the coat, but has become yellow in color with green,
green and yellow. Distance, and now came the cry of birds twitter and students

 I climbed and climbed and finally climbed the peak, so we put out, like from a bird
cage, to the amusement park ridge ran the first camel, to the amusement park, I play
the project is a two-pole, I climbed to the top of the pole, like the first monkey, then
grabbed his hand turned over, and finally step up and slowly slid down a pole. Then, I
and fellow students to see the peacock, its colorful feathers are very beautiful, with a
wide range of patterns, unfortunately I do not see them opening screen looks like.

've been to amusement parks, we went to the Peak collection, look down from the top
foot of the mountain like a block of housing blocks, cars like ants, like the shuttle, we
cry from the teacher took a photograph. I shouted toward the foot: "ah! Ah!. ... ..", The
valley came the echo of waves, and we play in the mountains, catching up, burst into
song ... .... Top of the hill into a sea of joy. Play for a while, I went and Zhu Lijun Liu
Ji-dong, we asked a lot of people, finally found a hole, Zhu Lijun told me: "Liu Ji is
the Ming dynasty, the advisers, as it was to kill him, he had to hide here. "I go to the
hole and saw two huge rocks found side by side with me and Zhu Lijun into the cave,
I saw eight black paint inside Ukraine, looked up between two rocks, leaving only a
crack, day As a line, I think: "This is the famous thin strip of sky it should be!." I saw
the hole there is a statue, thinking: He sure is, Liu Ji, he sat on a rock, wear waist with
a sword in his hand a book, looked at us, his face is fear look, as if afraid to tell others
what we are hiding here.

 read-dong Liu, the I and Zhu Lijun backtrack to the summit, this time, Wang said:
"Now we backtrack." So, I 收拾好行李, followed by Wang down the mountain, and
along the way, we talked and laughed, unwittingly went to the foot.

 of this mountain I feel very happy!

 Instructor: Wang

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