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Tea tea tea


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									Tea tea tea

 green tea tea picking


 tea Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou Experimental Primary School 4 (5) Ban
Tao is true
 village green tea to be fun.

  morning, we had finished our breakfast, went to tea tea. I've got gravel-paved road
went on, thinking: long now, I do not know what it was like to do picking. Today,
finally had a chance, like many mining points, but do not know how much time can be
taken. Students in our class all the way jabber, talking about the incident.

  to tea, we were all surprised mouth open a bus: tea can be really big, Yi Keke's tea
tightly side by side, arranged in the word line, only a little gap you could walk into a
pick. Green green tea in the sunshine sparkled, as though said to us: "Come and pick!
Come and pick it!"

  tea farmer told us that green tea is to adopt the tender bud, to "a flag shot", if the old
leaves of tea are taken down and it will be bad.

 hearing tea farmers, I can not wait to try it. Other teachers say the beginning, I took
the plastic bag ready, pulled together to adopt Peng Chen.

  remote point we came to a little place to start picking, I Peng Chen said: "Peng
morning, we'll match it! See who picked addition of fast!" "I agree! Really good I will
certainly prevail! "Peng Chen says excitedly. When we adopt carefully, see the tea is
only slowly taken heart, not to their own fingers broke the bud. But slowly, I found
every morning Peng faster than I was collecting more mining. I can be anxious,
thinking: This is how OK? I will have to redouble our efforts. In order to be champion,
I picked up not too particular about good and bad, as long as the leaves to see bright
green heart, I'll hand it taken down quickly, thrown into a plastic bag. But I found that
Peng Chen is also faster, her hands Qi attack, tea was brought her straight rock, I
simply can not adopt. I can be angry, and began to shout, Peng Chen: "You can not
lightly, was slowly adopted, you crazy, I can not gather!!" Peng Chen raised his head,
wiped his head, hands the sun drying out large drops of perspiration on my smile, and
went picking. I sighed to another row of trees to adopt. About adopting a half an hour,
teachers, cried: "go - Team! Return - Team - la!" I found Peng Chen, and she
compared to tea than mining. Well, he sent a little bit more on the same. I was so
upset thinking. Peng morning next to me shouted in triumph.
 While lost the game, but the tea gave me a lot of fun! Love tea!

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