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 talent show to do the teacher

  Today, we are in the classroom at the talent show.
  talent show is I count the first game off, I could not help but cry out "ah", I is not
nervous, just a little excited, because I considered my strengths, I just work a little on
the line. The race began, students were all gearing up, I want to have to fast, must be
fast. I yearn to crush the slower happens fast, simple questions should be counted with
the brain, and finally made a 17 question, though do much, but I'm all done right.
Finally the teacher comment, first made 23 title, second to do a 21 question, and a
third made 20 title, think really sorry! If there is such a game chance, I will attend, to
achieve better results.
  Just as I was flattered to think when the opportunity came, the teacher let us
remember idioms, see who I remember most. This time I want to take advantage of
opportunities. The teacher gave us two minutes to remember idioms. I do my best to
remember. Time passed quickly. The teacher asked a student back idioms, she could
back out of seven. Then the students formed a team of mutual back free my turn, I
calmly back out of eight, I am happy to jump up. The best back out of nine,
unfortunately I Ciliaoyidian point. But I still feel great.
  third, a free talent show stage, some students display paintings, some students show
reading ... ... they are always very exciting.
  I think: everyone can play as long as there is confidence in their talents, is the best.
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