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									Sweet moon moon moon moon cake

 moon full moon festival Dad

 moon moon cake sweet

  moon moon cake sweet
  Shanxi University, Taiyuan, Shanxi, three classes Hao Peng Primary U.S.
  Mid-Autumn evening, I complete a erhu lesson, the teacher from the field office to
go out to the family. On the road, I carefully to find the moon can be seen along the
way only street. Suddenly, a shiny silver things there in the corner, I would like to
finally see the moon. But I came closer, alas! Or a fake moon.

  After dinner, has been 7:45. Dad said: "Along the way you see are fake moon, I went
to see a real moon." I think it is so late, the moon should come out of it. Then said: "I
go." Out of doors, overturned on I looked for a long time, can not see the trail of the
moon. I sighed and said: "Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, may be why the girl did
not want to see on it?" Father comforted me: "sure is a high-rise block, and we look to
the big playground." While we have to a large playground, Dad said, well, really just
to see the moon roof of a high rise too high. It was like a lovely big orange, but also
like a round moon cake. I really want to bite that one. I asked my father: "Why do
over Mid-Autumn Festival?" My father said: "The ancients the moon as a symbol of
reunion, therefore, that the Chinese on Aug. 15 for the Reunion. Since ancient times
people used the waning moon to full moon described the joys and sorrows. "I asked:"
Why do want to eat moon cake? "My father smiled and said:" The ancient custom of
eating moon cake is, has a long history ... ... "I'm fascinated, I found the moon had a
turned rise very high, it is like a beautiful diamond hanging in the sky, look at the
deep blue sky, has become the Jade Emperor's Heavenly Lake is really beautiful!
Moonlight lit our way, my father and I like wearing a white Cloth. The moon so
beautiful, no wonder Chang'e flying to the moon to do!

 late, my father reminded me to go home to sleep, so I reluctantly left the big
playground. Back home, I picked up grandma sent me eat moon cake, the first bite
down, do not bite sugar, they bite, wow, really sweet! I finished the moon cake, think
of the Mid-Autumn Festival flies happy, hope that the next Mid-Autumn Festival is
also happy!
 Instructor: Cancun
 Comment: To observe very carefully.

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