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					Sunday morning Sunday morning,

 Sunday morning sun, moon,

 Sunday morning

 Sunday morning
 Shandong Province Jining Mining Group Economic East Village Primary School
Grade 5 Class 3 Chen Anliang

  week's work is the observation of the morning, Sunday, less than 6:00 I was dressed,
I look out the window A look at the birds twitter in the cross were kept, the square has
a lot of people in the morning exercises.

 I looked up the sky there is the moon too! However, this is the moon and night
different. Evening moon in the sky, like the Chang sisters turn on the light, and very
bright, very bright; the time of the moon are like people turn off the lights the same as

 Wang Dongbian I saw the east a little red, I think: It may be the sun to come out, my
shoes and go out and observe the board quickly, street lamps still lit, the sky is
particularly blue, I blink staring at the East, "how the sun does not come out?" I
thought by talking about. Eastern increasingly red, and soon the sun exposed half face,
blink out of the solar horizon. I think the sun more and more close to me, it sends the
orange light is not glaring. While, it became a fiery red, like never be broken
wood-burning it. The sun rising, it's towering Rays light up the earth, warm people.

 I can not help but praised: Sunday morning was beautiful ah! Really worthy of an
old saying; day total is the morning ah! In the future, I get up early every day, seize
the precious morning, study hard!

 Instructor: Chu who celery
 Comment: small of a serious observation, seize before sunrise, the sky at sunrise
natural variability. On the morning of the beauty of the small depth of perception.
Reflect the small nature of the deep feelings of love.

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