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					Summer lotus petal lotus

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 Summer Lotus

 summer lotus, Suzhou, Jiangsu Wuzhong Su Court District Experimental Primary
School 4 (3) Class Guen Dong
 public outside a small backyard pond, in summer time always hold up a blossoming
lotus bud, and this is where I always wanted to grandfather reasons. This summer, I
went to my grandpa time watching the beauty of the lotus open.

  next morning, I went down and found a lotus opened, and immediately brought a
telescope, careful observations of the lotus from the tis. Lotus stem is green, with lots
of dark green spots, has two layers of lotus petals, surrounded outside layer to begin
within the petals around a round, light green Lian Peng, petal at the top is a deep red,
gradually down to is a pale pink. Painter with a brush like a sieve full of pink from the
top down, from deep to shallow drawn. And each petal is like a big spoon. Lotus
flower in the picture next to a Hanbaoyufang of flower buds, petal holding each other
tightly, looks like a large ripe peach, lotus surrounded by distracting green
umbrella-like leaf, top with many small drops of water, In the sunshine, sparkling like
crystal pearls.

 I love summer, but summer love lotus!

 Instructor: Xi Jiu

 Submission :2004-8-2510: 00:51
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