Suddenly the rain suddenly ticking by fdjerue7eeu


									Suddenly the rain suddenly falls the

 sudden windows tick home

  to open the window and a cool breeze blowing head, looked up, dark clouds. Whom
the sky as enraged, thunder suddenly came from the ear.
  Inclined rain pounding the windows, "tick, tick" the screws. Umbrella full of
different styles to the streets, people walked carefully, the ground wet and slippery.
Some people had no umbrella in the rain with a hands barely cover. The roadside in
front of the store owner suddenly swept into the water drains. Some stalls hurry
umbrella, there have even been closing afterwards.
  rain getting bigger, more awkward way of pedestrians: the one fast run in the rain on
the way home; people are stopped, under the shelter in nearby buildings, after walking
in the rain; 1 aunt out from a building, stopped a taxi, hurried to get into a taxi ... ...
  and the earth are nourished by the rain. Trees, grass, flowers, Vegetable ... ... a new
  imperceptibly, quietly rain stopped. As is the music suddenly stopped playing, echo
"pound," ... ...

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