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					The first picnic picnic students

 for the first time cooking students students the first time

  picnic today, I feel particularly good, because our class will hold its first picnic
  I and the students with a pot, bowls, pans, pots, rice and other things came to school
early. Nine o'clock, we force a neat row of singing beautiful song, happily walked to
the outskirts. Unconsciously to the picnic destination.
  destination is on a grass bank, from afar, like a very big yellow carpet. The front is a
big river. Students say: "How beautiful the scenery here, yo!" We are a group of eight
students to quickly bring the pot, bowls, pans, pots and other things on the grass, we
split up, Shiming firewood, Jia source wash rice, meters on the high-pressure pot,
some students choose other dishes, vegetables, as well as the logs to. Soon after,
Zhang Shiming shouted: "rice cooked up."
  prepared stir-fry it! Jia source students to cut vegetables and spices used in cooking
are taken out to start cooking. I saw him running around in circles, spoon hit Guobian,
pan where they accidentally drop into the water, take a great of perspicacity to
Caichao well placed, "table" on the order of the "table" is to bring students to the
newspaper. He cried out: "meals a." Some students take chopsticks, and some hold
rice, we form a circle. I ate a meal, said: "Yeah, still raw." Jia source said quickly:
"re-pour pot boiling." After a while. I then try to open the rice pot, and said: "ripen"
Everyone is candy in rice. Sit on the floor, ate up with relish, although parents did not
taste well to eat, but this time it is our picnic hands, and we eating, his mouth, side
laughing, happy.
  at the picnic, I realized a truth that we must do more chores at home, go after the
picnic would not rush, absurd the. [This article from [worry document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author] / center>