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									Story forest forest

 Story of the forest fox

 forest of stories

 forest of stories
 Henan Province Kaifeng City, Second Grade Teacher Primary 3 classes 3 Liu Ying
 forest had the first snow, the whole forest snow-bound, is really a snow world.

  forest, quietly, a little fox from a hole out of a small nose, small nose stained the
snow; out of small ears, small ears stained the snow. Wake Up Little fox small
partners, small squirrels, rabbits, bears, four good partners to prepare the first play
snowball fights. White Rabbit and a group of squirrels, foxes and bears a small, tired
and started making snowmen, and rabbits brought carrots to do nose; small step to the
mushroom to do the fox eyes; bears and squirrels find to make mouth red leaves, a
living snowman in the hands of small animals born! Snowman like in small animals,
said: "Thank you for letting me come to this world."

  pretty snow, snow flying, for small animals brought a lot of fun. Their laughter
echoed in the forest a long time instructor ......
: Zhao Cebe

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