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					Stealth stealth beans

 covert hand of pork beans

 covert operations covert operations
 WISCO 11th million children in the third grade classes Xu Hui

  I went to school today, received a secret operation, that is, to buy food! The teacher
we are divided into several groups.
  time when I enter the food market, ah! Really crowded with people, ah, Mo Jian rub
palm! I am in the crowd shuttle. Just look at that wearing a white coat uncle, revealed
almost rosy and plump, big belly clothes bursting, he single-handedly takes the knife
in one hand and pointing to meat, where they shouted: "Oh, the morning killing of
fresh pork yo! "pork uncle voice away, that wearing white jacket, his face like a
chrysanthemum in full bloom corrugated old lady, he cried:" yo Come and buy my
water Lingling white and tender cabbage yo. "cries one greater than, louder than the
ups and downs, just like a symphony. Why, in front of a bunch of people fighting for
what, I went over to look, the original is selling beans, and this and the beans must be
very very fresh. Look
, then for the mother with her child! In that sell fish, she kept choosing to pick up this,
to lay down their piece, picked up this article. You look at that young man, a look that
is new to the money to someone else, pick up the food went away! That both the
husband and person! Wife raised two bags, closely followed by the subsequent
husband, carrying the dozens of bags. See, their house guests, must go again.
  again, then stall over the vegetables can be really ah! With cabbage, eggplant ... ...,
let me dazzled.
  food market in a circle around us, with your eyes glance around and find I'm looking
for tomatoes.
  we came to a grandmother's side, her big, red tomatoes, just like a red lantern, as we
go around like little sparrows twitter to go on, I pointed to tomatoes ask Grandma:
"This tomato, how much you?" "a dollar a pound," grandmother said. The fresh
tomatoes are not fresh you? Wang Ziheng said; "cheap little more, okay?" See you so
young, is such a talented, star anise to sell you money now! Few of us with small
heads around again, we carefully selected, took the one that put down. Finally
selected a few are big and red tomatoes, put our bags.
  walk in the enthusiastic way, the completion of covert operations, Wang can eat tasty
tomatoes it!

 Teacher: English sub

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