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									Special Christmas gift Christmas gift special

 special Christmas gift Ming dynasty box

 special Christmas gift
 special Christmas gift
 East Street Centre for Primary 3 ( 3) Ban Kim Hong Kai

  "ding clang, ding ding clang, jingle ring Ding Dang ------" annual Christmas has
arrived, Li Daming every day looking forward to end of the bed Santa Claus appears
stocking gift. On the 25th morning, he finally found socks bulging -----
  Li Daming poured out of curiosity what socks and found that only a small square gift
box. He was very disappointed, the original sunny face immediately became cloudy.
Inadvertently, Li Daming met a small square box on the red button, Santa Claus for
the kind words ring in Li Daming ear: "Li Daming, if only to listen to the older
children can open this little box, you first box the key to pull down a hole in a wall
box, Turn right twice, if successful, you can receive a gift, otherwise, you have to first
learn to be a good boy opened again after! "extreme excited Li Daming busy trying to
do, "squeak ---" box opens, from the inside out of a shiny thing, Li Daming closer
look and a bottle of sick mother needed medicine now! Li Daming mind "Bang"
slamming, an blood my heart. Li Daming quickly gave it to his mother. After a month,
Li Daming found that this drug as long as a finished, it automatically fills. Li Daming
from this study with ever greater, he had only one desire: Santa Claus return as soon
as possible.
  after 10 years of a Christmas, Li Daming, on a prestigious universities, he earned a
lot of money, then carefully placed foot and stocking, but also put a note: Santa Claus,
this is my a mind, please accept.
  The next day, Li Daming wake up and find socks not only has not deflated down, but
has become rich.

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