South Lake bridge on both sides of the majestic

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					South Lake Bridge magnificent on both sides of

 magnificent South Lake bridge on both sides of

 South Lake Bridge

 South Lake Bridge, Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region New School 3
(1) Ban Si-Ning
 South Lake Park in Nanning, a lake, the lake is called the bridge, "South Lake
 South Lake Bridge is magnificent. South Lake Bridge, although not long, but with
both sides of South Lake Bridge Approach, about 45 meters long, and there are two
30 meters wide, the middle lane, a total of six cars Road, two motorcycle Road, left
and right sides also each a sidewalk. This long bridge was all made with cement, steel,
concrete constructed, and the following seven rows columns, each row is divided into
four piers constitute All told a total of 47 28 piers, hold up the bridge of a straight ,
across the narrow lake.
 bridge not only magnificent, but also full of national characteristics in Guangxi.
Stone fence on each side of a bridge, stone railings are built with the white jade. Each
side stone railings are decorated with 174 bronze drums of Guangxi Zhuang. Bridge
around the trees, skyscrapers, flowers blossoming, and a wide range of lighting at
night is even more brilliant to South Lake Bridge, next to South Lake and then
accompanied by the music fountain square, more attractive.
 majestic, magnificent South Lake Bridge, another feature, the more beautiful green
city Nanning embellishment.
 Instructor: Jun

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