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 Xuejiawan fifth fourth-grade four classes Zhu Zhiwei

 early this morning, my mother carrying a large bags of cans and coke bottles came
out, hurriedly walked to the trash, I thought: "She must be clean-up, the whole thing
useless throw. " I stopped my mother said: "These cans and Coke bottles You do not
throw that I want them to do art." Mom cheerily said loudly: "Well."
 I quickly ran home to come up with scissors and glue, then called and the two
children Jingjing and obviously, one of the two of them coming to my room
immediately overjoyed.
 promising goal three of us made up, obviously moved very quickly and soon he will
complete an ashtray.
 then the three of us together made a beautiful and delicate little cup, it was like Lotus
 mother to come back to see us do all sorts of crafts, but also exquisite good looks,
boasts that we are handling hands love mental and physical boy.
 I suggest that you usually do not use some Coke cans and bottles collected, do
something useful crafts, hands love to see who is handling mental and physical boy.

 Teacher: high Na

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