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					Small family interviewing family interview

 family interview with Xinhua Bookstore father

 small family interview

 small family interview
 Qingtian County, Lishui, Zhejiang Province Experimental Primary School 3 (1)
Class Joseph
 office today, my Office, the identity of the state's Evening of small to interview my
father on the Xinhua Bookstore's comments and suggestions.

 book made me get fake microphone, walked in front of my father, I am a bit nervous,
not calm down, not to interview, in the end her mother's encouragement, I finally
summon the courage to close Dad. I first asked: "Hello, I am a small press office of
any state Tao Evening News, What is your impression of the Xinhua Bookstore?" Dad
replied: "Xinhua Bookstore's appearance is very beautiful, refreshing indoor
decorations, books The variety has a more complete, rational layout. in particular,
which installed automatic elevators for people, especially children and the disabled to
provide a great convenience. "I asked;" that you Xinhua Bookstore's operation and
future What are the development of better views? "Dad Tuozhuo Sai thought for a
moment, replied:" I observe, many people find that reading, but the people who buy
books are small, they should engage in some promotional activities, business will be
more popular, such as: discount sales, buy one get one, according to the invoice
number and prizes. "I then asked:" Your attitude of the Xinhua Bookstore satisfied?
"his father said:" Their attitude is not bad . I have one where I can buy electronic
dictionary, the waiter patiently explain its features and usage. "just finished an
interview, my father began to ask me:" You interview today from the father how come?
"I'm proud to say: "I have been on the evening of the small state's Department of."
Mom listened, smiled at me and gave me a clap drum.

 small interview though the family is small, but I also understand from an interview
to be calm, be confident, have the courage to be a good little reporter to cover this
 Instructor: Ye Limin

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