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					Sick sick grandfather wrinkles

 kindly grandfather was sick wrinkles

 grandfather was sick grandfather

 disease of the Sun-side town of Shaoxing County Central Primary School, 3 ( 2) Ban
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  grandfather was sick, because the weather changes, bronchitis attack. Mom and I
went to visit grandpa. A kindly old grandfather, 86 years old this year. Although old,
and wrinkled, gray-haired, but the body has been very good, very good spirit! Every
time I go to my grandpa, grandfather always taste specially for me as a snack, eat his
hard work comes from corn and sugar cane.
  "Eh-hem cough cough ... ... ... ... Eh-hem cough - cough!" Grandfather in bed,
furrowed eyebrows constantly coughing, his face deeply wrinkled, and looked very
gaunt. "It can, come, Eh-hem, here. Then ... ... Eh-hem, long high." Grandfather
showing me kind of smile, "... ... Eh-hem, eat, eat anything, cough, with the
grandfather said. Eh-hem cough ... ... "
  painful look like my grandfather, my heart was very sad.
  I really really want grandpa to get better sooner Yeah!

 Instructor: Zhou Caidi
 Comments: This composition of fine observation, emotional simplicity.
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