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									See Panda Panda Panda

 panda cute panda to

 look at the panda panda
 look at Nanchang University Preparatory School 4 (1) God of classes

  teacher once said, our national treasure, a living fossil, is that simple and honest cute
pandas. Most branches in Chengdu Panda area, this summer, I had the honor went to
Chengdu, just today, cloudless weather, my father and mother, the panda base ready to
  Along the way, I am humming a little got the right stuff, really want to panda base
quickly, early to see who I am dreaming to see pandas. Cars arriving, and I could not
help myself excited, the first jumped out and pulled the father and mother, can not
wait to burst into the panda base. Into the panda base, street full of pictures and
information on a number of giant pandas, there are some funny cute cartoon pandas,
have the pandas doctors, singers, etc. panda. Walked, we came to be surrounded by an
open space, this should be somewhere panda spotted. I stood on a stool looked, but
saw no half-day to see the panda's shadow, perhaps because the weather is too hot,
panda do not want to come out now! I had to see the panda's home another! Pandas
live in a glass across the floor, I saw across the glass like the panda, it looks Biaofei
Tizhuang there in black and white hair, two black eye socket, looks very funny. I saw
it sitting on a pile of bamboo, their hands get full of bamboo, first bunch into his
mouth, chew it it may sound, these have not finished, then wait to stuff my mouth a
pile of bamboo It seems like anyone is saying rush. I saw its mouth never ceased, so
much food, not fat pigs fly! Rare opportunity, do not miss, I had a giant movie
together, they see other pandas had.
  sub-adult panda house we came to, which are all sub-adult giant pandas. Hush, so
loud, do not wake the sleeping giant pandas are so many pandas, each sleeping
position is different, there is lying, lies prone in the ... ... I thought to myself: cute
panda is sleeping more ! Panda's treatment is not the same as with other animals, I
saw a panda theme park, which has many fun. We also saw a number of giant pandas,
each with impeccable
  on the way home, I thought as I have only a small number of giant pandas, we are
very sorry, please protect pandas, so that naive animals or the earth to live forever.

 Teacher: 10 000 Jean

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