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 Santa Claus Li Bao will have to learn

 Santa Claus Santa Claus
 Baise De Paul County Experimental Primary School 4 (1) Class Huang Baoqi

 Christmas Day, my mother and I go shopping, we buy what I like tofu, went to my
godmother's shop.
 near three Santa Claus came to my godmother shop door, pulled from their yard with
a spree came a Santa Claus, said to me: "little brother, I gave you a gift package, you
must study hard to repay the state Oh! "I said:" Well, I must study hard to repay the
state! "I saw Santa Claus gift bag is very hard, and I told Santa said:" Santa Claus,
You work so hard, I'll help you a Libao it! "" Thank you, children! "Santa said. I said:
"You're welcome, the saying goes, help others, their own happiness Well!"
 I went back and forth in the pedestrian streets 2, finally Libao to send over, I
immediately went to Santa that said to them: "I finished the Li Bao-fat!" Santa said:
"You Li Bao hair done, and we have to go, the children, I hope you can learn in school,
bye!" "Good-bye!" I said.
 look at the back of Santa Claus are gone, I can not help but to think I have to study
hard and repay the State.

 Teacher: Li Luo

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