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 rubber collectors

 rubber collectors Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, East Lake Rui Jiang a primary
school class 302
 I'm a rubber collector.

  collection of rubber I can be much more attractive! I worked hard to collect all come.
I used only a small piece of rubber covered up, slowly, slowly, gathered more and
more rubber. I collected a wide variety of shapes rubber, some triangular, some
rectangular, some polygons. The color also has a lot of rubber, with red, white,
lavender, pink, black ... ....

 Saturdays, Sundays, and the total number of children come to my house to visit.
Sometimes, my good friend will help me collect some rubber. Favorites me more and
more rich!

 collection of rubber really happy!
 Instructor: Shen Yun-ping

 Submission :2005-1-1921: 42:55
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