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 Tongchuan District City of Sichuan Province reached 2006 a seventh elementary
school classes Li Luo Xin
 summer's day, my parents took me to the Chengdu zoo.

 to the zoo, we will meet with people talking parrot. "Hello, Welcome!" Ah, speaking
of the still fluent Mandarin. I went over to cheer: "The parrot President, is that you
give to me?" "Is me. Welcome, wish you happy!" This time really amused me.

 to amphibious Museum. There, we see fierce crocodile, is colored gray-chiao, about
the possible swallowing a chicken, it saw sharp teeth like a general. There are no
poisonous snakes, and play snake, the snake would most frightening number of
Trimeresurus stejnegeri. Trimeresurus stejnegeri snake is a drama, in Italy, China,
Japan ... ...

 I also saw heavy elephants, tame the giraffes and zebras black and white whole body,
they are relaxed, free . Flamingo is very strange, crown is black, feathers are black,
face is pink, very quick. Finally saw the sea lions, porcupines, lions and tigers. Lions
and tigers are very powerful, and courageous. Sea lions are cute, with a beard in the
water swimming to go. Porcupine we certainly have rarely seen, it faces a long a thorn
in the body like a pig, to a smaller size, is a mess with the temper of the pig.

 ah! I not only had a very happy day, but also a lot of knowledge growth.

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