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									Reed reed whistle guy to do

 reed whistle guy adopted a

 reed whistle to do so

 reed whistle Tongxiang Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, the three primary plant
materials ( 3) Jin-Zhi Chao

 Sunday evening, I collected a small partnership to the river reeds do whistle.
 partner of a small reed used first to gather a little sliced a couple of blown up on the
on the mouth. "Whirring" whistle blowing reeds made out of sound is really beautiful.
Another child shot back, quickly gather a reed with a knife, "click," two, a reed
whistle is also ready. She took a good hard reed whistle blowing. Reed whistle has
sounded. You green with envy, have praised their nimble hands. I was also quick to
adopt the one reed, asking a child to help make a whistle. However, he help me to do
one, two reed whistle, do not have sounded. Third root to do when finally sounded.
 then, that I find a little pain in his right hand finger, still bleeding too! I would like to
adopt with their own hands to Reed, asked people to help made a whistle, it is worth!

 Teacher: Feng Yongkang

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