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  readme is now snow land
  "ah, good beautiful!" Heard his sister's sigh, I immediately ran to the window,
presented in front of a piece of white the world, snow to the vast land covered with a
white coat. I immediately ran to the yard, enjoy playing in the snow.
  sudden a light snow the flowers in my hand, I was about to get rid of it, but it came a
burst of crisp loud cry: "The kids do not dumped me, I was snow girl." I a closer look ,
snow talking to me, I am very curious, so I asked it: "Snow is how you come?" It
answered: "That will happen thanks sun father, I was on the floor of one of the small
drops of water, as father the sun gives off heat is too high, I was lit faintly knew the
rose to the sky, the body floating, and has been on the rise, one of my learned friend
told me that we are now going through the process of gasification . I rose to the high
altitude and then slowly fall, according to my learned friends who say that we have
experienced liquefaction process, just finished our fall on a cloud, so happy that he
can see from the sky and the earth mother. "It also tells me" while the clouds will not
bear our sister down to us. "Sure enough, we went, after a half-day whereabouts.
Seeing is about to return to the embrace of Mother Earth, and a cold wind blowing
cold halo me, so I awoke to find myself different now, become beautiful! A white
body, also wearing a skirt hexagon.
  on the way, I turned into snow. After winding through back after the mother.
  snowflake just finished has been dithering, I anxiously asked: "Little Snow, are you
all right!" "Nothing, I just want to once again back into small drops of water." Finish,
it will turn into water droplets, disappeared. I did find that the original nature is so
wonderful, so great! - Thanks for reading this article, this article from [worry
document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author /

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