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 holly tree in the readme

 holly tree in the readme
 Zhabei District, Shanghai, Shanghai First Central Primary Four (4) Class Xu Yun
 Well, I was a tree called the holly. Ah Oh! Ah Eh-hem, cough ... ...

  ah? What did you say? Oh, ask me why so small, depressed, have some yellow
leaves? Please listen to me slowly.

 Well, I said to the young family too! How do you say! I had also a lush green,
healthy tall and straight, but ever since years ago I transplanted under the elevated
road start my life from the change.

 warm sun do not shine me, I rarely bathed in sunshine all day was. Dew it, never
mind, I drink the tap water, but also full meal hunger and meal of. The air we breathe
every day, that there is no longer the sweet, fresh mountain air, but a variety of cars,
mopeds emissions. Ah Oh! Again a car, choke me!

 daily, by my side, there are people who are not conscious, then walk a few steps to a
small, hard to travel through from the green belt, from our brothers to squeeze past,
then we will 缺胳膊少腿 the. Whoops! My hand! Do not crowd me!

 Now you understand? Why I do not like brothers, as elsewhere, the health of it! It
has given me everything, they also enjoy the word height ah!

 help me!

 Supervisor: Kim

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