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									Rabbits eat pizza rabbits mom

 mother of a small rabbit pizza,

 small rabbit to eat pizza

  small rabbit to eat pizza
  Peace in the fourth, Dongcheng District, three primary schools (5) cattle Qi Chen
  particularly good study of rabbits, it was a honor their parents, and intelligent boy.
  small rabbit jumping ascend to the third grade, the midterm got double percentage,
she was very happy, coming home and excitedly said: "Mom, I got two-percent test."
My mother said: " Great, you're not eating pizza, I'll take you to eat pizza bar. "
  blind mother rabbit, rabbits puppy carefully Chanfu mother came to open the spring
pizza, arranged after the mother seated small rabbit exclaimed: "To the two pizza."
Actually, this is only her mother to hear. Then, it quietly on the dog said: "a pizza and
a cheap noodles." Pizza and pasta to a small rabbit to put pizza in front of her mother,
invited her mother to eat. Mom always brought pizza to the top of the jam clip rabbits,
rabbits has quietly returned to her mother. White Rabbit said: "Mom, eat fast, I can
not fit a plate." This mother slowly annexing annexing to eat.
  dog saw this scene, very moving, giving them a call attendant kitten pizza (a pizza
12 yuan). Small rabbit saw the pizza table, said: "You in the wrong." Kitten said:
"Buy now pizza, buy one get one free."
  later, again a number of guests, such as dog , cat greeting the guests finished, only to
find their mother and daughter left. Close sub-cat when the dog is called over, under
the original plates, 12 dollars, that is, pay for pizza money in rabbits. Although some
of that money off wrinkles, but it neatly under pressure at the plate.
  At this time, puppies, kittens were speechless, only touched the hearts of infinite
  Instructor: Lu Binbin

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