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					Rabbit and hare race hedgehog hedgehog

 rabbit hedgehog race wife

 rabbit and a hedgehog race

 rabbit and a hedgehog race
 Fujian Province Wing City Experimental Primary School 3 (6) Class Hsin-Yi Chen
 foot of the mountain there lived a hedgehog, the hedgehog has a wife and several
children had to be extremely happy.

 day, a hedgehog walk to the fields, ran into a rabbit. Then, the rabbit asked: "Do you
bend the leg that can walk?" Hedgehog said: "If you do not believe that I can walk,
we conduct a race on it, scheduled at noon after lunch." Rabbit: " Good `'s." finish
them on their home.

 hedgehog a home, called and his wife looks like that one to get to the field and to
account for his wife, and other rabbits came and said: "You come, I arrived early."
Hedgehog own went to the fields, when it to the field, the rabbits have been so there
was. Rabbit Question: "Now to start the match?" Hedgehog said: "can begin!"

 rabbit was shouting Password: "One, two, three." "Three" words just export, rabbit
as ran forward like an arrow, while the hedgehog is only a few steps forward, then sit
on the floor not moving. Rabbits to the finish line, the hedgehog's wife said: "You
come, I arrived early." Thus, the rabbit in the hedgehog and his wife ran back and
forth between, but it has been "lost" to the hedgehog, had nice throw in the towel.

 Instructor: Zhang Dongmei% D % A
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