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Quietly vibrant spring spring by fdjerue7eeu


									Quietly vibrant spring spring

 land of vibrant spring quietly

 dynamic vibrant spring

 spring primary three class group benefits Liu Xin Xin

 quiet footsteps of spring. Quietly approached. She laughs coming. Children sing a
song bird. Twitter, brought to earth scene of thriving vitality.
 spring comes, grass was green and the flowers opened, the leaves sprout, and Liu
Shuqing wire brush shoulders: the yellow jasmine, white camellias, red roses, pink
peach, white pear ... ... contests, and is beautiful!
 spring Jingzhe up, the sound of thunder, the cute little animals were awakened. Some
of them are looking to fill his stomach with food preparation, and some fly in the
squid, flying low, there are pests in the capture, for people to set a big contribution.
Even that small size of the Swallow flew north too ... ...
 spring, spring rains, moisture of the earth, bathed in the seedlings ... ...
 spring sunshine, people have to park activities. Some of them fly a kite, and some
playing badminton, as well as in practicing Tai Chi ... ...
 ah! Really old saying goes: "Spring is the season of the year." Spring is beautiful.

 Advisor: Professor Chen

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