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Princess Tours Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong


									Tour of Hong Kong Hong Kong Disneyland Princess

 Hong Kong Disneyland with Princess

 Tour of Hong Kong Disneyland Tour of Hong Kong

 Disneyland Lianyungang Teachers special school to fourth grade, three Zhao Kun

  summer vacation, my parents took me to Hong Kong Disneyland. Disney is the
place where I am dreaming of view, I often dream about Disneyland: Mickey and
Minnie Mouse and other Disney friends took me to a magical, wonderful world of
fairy tales, along with Snow White play; and Belle Princess sing together; and dance
with Cinderella; with mermaid dive with the blue and wonderful sea; and Sleeping
Beauty with sleep ... ...
  I cherish the excitement and emotion into the Di- the door to Disneyland. Greet my
eyes was a small train station, we boarded the train, the first semi-circle around the
Disney turn, generally look at the various park attractions. We are in the "fantasy
world" stopped to "Main Street, USA", street style design on both sides are building
the United States, very luxurious style, when we are watching, security with a smile
asked us to stop to the street, because the park once a day procession started, wow, I
saw a lot of fairy tale characters: Snow White; Alice; Buzz Light year; Belle Princess
with my photo; chess queen with the I shake hands; ranks everyone in the world with
a fairy's face, I was moved to know what to say, but he kept clapping, and my father's
camera flash are on a non-stop.
  procession reading performance, we rode the carousel and Dumbo, and
four-dimensional first saw the film, that it be called virtual reality, put on glasses, the
film seems to reach out objects can with, if the circumstances appear water, spread on
the water is really upon us, if there is food, it really smell the aroma of food is really
  place to park in the fun too much, although each project must wait in line at the
entrance, but we still insist to have read each and every attraction, we take a boat to
explore and see the tall hippo, ferocious crocodile, will spray the elephant towards us,
of course, these are fake, but very realistic, much like. Just through the jungle, I heard
"Bang" bang, emitting a small hill next to the fire came, that was really the fire yo, we
are shocked, said guide called "volcanic eruption", we have a false alarm field.
  What impressed me most was "Space Mountain", we take a spaceship to travel into
space, the spacecraft slowly I began to open their eyes wide to see the stars and
meteors, while the spacecraft accelerated, and suddenly on suddenly, the often fiercely
sharp turn, my mother and I were terrified, his head buried down low and could not
read, came out to take a picture of my mother and I only see the "majestic", and only
Dad stared more carefully, we were made fun of him about that.
  Disneyland theme park worthy of a world brand, her magic and beauty is unmatched,
with full of tourists to the park many people describe it is right, and when night fell,
people still refuse to leave because there is a fireworks display, colorful fireworks that
illuminated the more magical the Disney until 20:00 or so, we reluctantly bid farewell
to paradise.
  Goodbye Disney; Goodbye, Mickey and Minnie lovely, I will always remember you!

 Teacher: Cui Yan
 Comment: smooth and vivid statements, articles, structured, compact, read this
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