Poplar Poplar Poplar Flower by fdjerue7eeu


									Poplar Poplar Poplar Flower

 poplar gray Yanghua Shandong Province

 Poplar Flower

 Poplar Flower, Zibo, Shandong Yiyuan County South Ma s Second, in the third
grade three classes of Zhang Xin Ge
 grandmother in the family way to have an uncle was cutting poplar trees, far heard
"cracking scratch" sound of tree branches landing.

  Poplar red flowers, two group, three cluster of wind dance. Grew up in Poplar
flowers like caterpillars, such as earthworms, and like a sea cucumber; just popped up
their heads like pupa. They each head is wearing a little yellow hat tip top.

 tender of poplar flower color dark red, slightly larger point is that light red, grew up
to become green.

 hand picked a place, brings tears, and soft, gently shake, drop a small pearl Brilliant

 Poplar Flower is not very pretty flowers, but I like it.

 Instructor: Min Zhou

 Submission :2004-4-1317: 48:14
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