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 ant to see a few small ants

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  play ant Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, Tongxiang City Wuzhen plant materials
Primary Five (2) Wang Hao
  Today, a person I had nothing to do at home idle. I am a man walk in the house
which the East and West walk, look above, look below. Suddenly, I saw on the ground
with a few small ants carrying a piece of bread. Do not know where they got it. My
one wish in the twinkling of an eye inside my home, it must be removed from my
house. I got angry, thinking you have a good bold, dare to take my family to eat bread,
I want to play with you, so you better know that I am very powerful, not after things
moving again. I would like how to play them? With, I'll do!

  I went to the house brought a glass of water, put in a little sugar water inside. I
walked in front of ants. Blocked their path. Then I caught an ant on sugar water inside.
It was in the water upstream. I want that tempts you, let you eat your fill. I caught a
few small ants on the sugar water inside. I caught a few small ants into the wall face,
see how they are down. I see a little ant is very clever, it soon climbed down the wall
found the right direction to go home. I picked up that piece of bread to go into another
place. Many of those small ants back to the original that place, see the bread was gone,
like a very unhappy there, of turning around. I have pain in the belly laugh. I see the
sugar in the ants find them several times bigger than the original. At this time, I
laughed more stomach pain.

 later, I thought of the book's introduction, put it all let go of some ants.

 Instructor: Feng Yongkang

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