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									Tour Villa Villa pink

 tour villa mother pink

 Tour Villa

  Tour Villa
  Feng, Changsha, Hunan Tree Hill Primary School 3 (b) class Tang Liang Zizhuo
  few days ago, listening to Mama said that as long these days to listen to grandma,
then took me to a villa to play. Finally, I really did, so my mother took me to come.
Me along the way, with novelty and excitement to the car. After a child, just listen and
whipped soon as the car turned. I watched the beautiful scenery of the distance, while
thinking in my mind that what several villas. Slowly drive along Liuyang River, held
a woods road, approaching villa. Mom told me to close my eyes, under the number 20.
Car suddenly stopped. I opened my eyes, wow! Spectacular than I imagined more
beautiful, colorful house with pink, blue, and there are some red, red and extremely
beautiful ... .... The train, Yang Jing-Jing grandmother to my sister to visit her house,
  Yang grandmother we come home, so nice! The door has a fish bowl, living room
with a table tennis table, can sometimes play table tennis. On the second floor there
are two well-known artist painting a masterpiece: one is the pink flowers, one is dark
green of the lotus leaf. Hu Shushu room is pink, there is room in the big mirror that
lights up the background color is pink. May be a pair of loving each other, a pink
heart it! Children's room is blue, people seem very refreshing. Third floor is the
grandmother's room, fourth floor has a playground for children to play.
  courtyard garden planted with dozens of vegetables, no worries about no food in the
winter, deep purple eggplant blossoms eggplant; pepper tree covered with green chili
peppers, orange blossoms The Xiao Juzi green, but not mature too!
  behind the house opened several flower golden pumpkin flowers, and some vine still
end up with some chubby big pumpkin, some long big melon.
  one day passed quickly, I really do not want to leave this beautiful villa.

 Instructor: Zhang Ren

 Received :2005-12-2112: 52:34
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