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 Pig as an actor
 Pig as an actor
 Meihua Village Primary School 3 (2) Ban Tang Yu Wen

  Today, Pig received a telephone call, said air show groups of small children, wanted
him as an actor, Pig readily agreed. He immediately came to parking, the Monkey
King gave him like "car" open to the air show groups of small children, the manager
was waiting for him! Managers see the Pig, they shouted: "come, get goodies for Pig
brother." Soon, food would send up, and there is bread, bananas, Sydney, etc. Pig tells
us to listen to the content manager for the play, Finally, managers asked Pig: "Can you
play good you play?" "can." Pig gnawing Sydney answer. Managers continue to
introduce: "The movie name is" Xiao Pang lost his way "with people you have
worked more, you got to play it well." "No problem," Pig said, "Well, tomorrow
begins film. "said the manager.
  The next day, Pig early to drive to the air show groups of small children, the
manager already at the door Pig, and manager, said: "ready to click on the shot." Pig
and perform with other actors, he played a very exciting so that managers praise. Film
soon finished, and very successfully too! Term "small Panzhu lost his way" and a lot
of people, we all enter the same amazement as manager. Pig said: "Lao Zhu did not
expect, I can become an actor."

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