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 Chang playing the piano while the piano teacher


  piano in Deyang City, Sichuan Province in Deyang Foreign Language Primary Three
Six Yang Yueying
  at noon today, I as usual, happily to play the piano.
  to the piano room, I opened the piano lid, piano can really re-ah! Started playing, I
seriously practice with: arms and back of the hand to become a straight line, hands
can not be down to the piano. I practiced side by side reminds the teacher asked his
playing position ... ...
  song is being trained to Article 49, Zhang teacher to my piano room here! Suddenly
there is a trace of fear in my heart, will be looking hard, I played 49. "Or playing is
good, I will teach you 50 now!" Teacher Chang said, smiling approvingly, while
playing with my 50. I saw her slender fingers deftly in black and white keys on the
dancing, beautiful music in the piano room in echoing. And me? I am fascinated to
see the listening, I thought: I want to be able to bomb so beautiful, so wonderful!
Chang teacher came up and I started practicing again. At first, I single-hand bombs,
no irritability also feel nice impact as well bomb Well. But when the bombs with both
hands, right hand is always with the poor, the old shells are also wrong, I am anxious.
I encourage the patient can take their training ... ... Finally, in line with the left and
right hands, the melody is also fluent in all, I happy! I am confident!
, however, has been class this time, and we want to read Analysis. The way in to the
reading I think: tomorrow I have to bomb a good 50!

 Instructor: Zhang Xingfeng

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