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Phoenix beautiful beautiful beautiful


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									Phoenix beautiful beautiful beautiful

 beautiful Phoenix Square both sides of the

 beautiful Phoenix Chen

  shield in early afternoon, we toured the beautiful together Phoenix Plaza.
  1 into the square, the first thing your eyes is the one about to take off for Phoenix, Fu
square on both sides. And there are beautifully carved patterns, these pictures reflect
the Lijin history, the rapid development of industrial and agricultural land, indicating
the Lijin prosperity, rich.
  sculpture in the back of the Phoenix has a music fountain, every evening at eight,
music, sounds, spring will be flooded out in lights, the spring constantly changing
color, that is really colorful spring water gushing .
  very nice scenery on both sides, so dizzying. Both sides of the willow, locust, poplar
walk trail with us, on both sides of the asparagus for our sun. Next, meet us is a bridge
- neon bridge, it is Tiemenguan ideas come at night, neon lights up automatically
bridge the lamps, twinkling, colorful, beautiful and great!
  walk neon bridge, in front of a rockery and a pond to attract us, we are happy to play
there, but the drawback is: no blooming lotus lotus pond, and only if a large disk like
a lotus leaf. To the leisure area, I passed all the way to travel long distances, has long
exhausted, I sat by the roadside, watching the blue sky and felt as if into a
"Wonderland", it is like flying in the sky. This time is beautiful, I love this time.
, however, did not last long, the western sky showing the last hint of peripheral vision,
so I reluctantly left the beautiful Phoenix Plaza.
  instructor Cuimei Ru>>>> This article from [worry
document] www.5udoc.com collection and sorting, to thank the original author. /

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