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					Pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener with

 pencil eraser pencil sharpeners with

 pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener

 pencil, rubber, pencil sharpener
 primary school in Liaoning Province, Fuxin City, four years Three Xinhua Huang
 a sunny morning, Lili, go to the supermarket to buy stationery, she picked a pencil,
an eraser and a pencil sharpeners.

 home Lili put them in his beloved stationery.

 for the longest boss pencil, eraser and the widest was her second child, the volume
was the third of a leather cutter, of course.

 beginning, they intimate, like a twisted rope together. Pencil made a mistake, they
come with a rubber brush, tip off, and let the U.S. beauty pencil sharpeners.

 can not know how, and one day, a pencil as if eating the wrong medicine, suddenly
cocky up, it pointed to the rubber and pencil sharpeners nose shouted: "Look at you
two of the Bear sample, one by one lazy, counts for something, all day with me
dipping, ought to be ashamed, bah. "

 rubber and a pencil sharpeners, angry as a mad cow hair stood on end. May be
second thoughts, are with the brothers, brothers should be among the most
understanding, most friendly, or forget it. This is what degree the two brothers ah!

 From then on, every day tossing a pencil eraser and pencil sharpeners that a scribble
on paper, it let eraser, rubber tired body had learned how the blood. It felt a little
thicker, let pencil sharpeners beauty to it, the result pencil sharpeners hard teeth that
have been worn away. If the rubber and a little slower action pencil sharpeners,
pencils curse on them both.

 after a few days, while the master bought two pencils.

 new pencil that two points that support the old pencil original discussion, said:
"Look it, short and ugly, and also that posturing, while the master is long overdue
threw it away."% D % A
 pencil that supported the old one in the mirror, "wow" slamming, burst into tears,
said to himself: "how do I become like that ah?"

 At this point, it's the two good brothers - rubber and pencil sharpeners come over,
patted it on the shoulder, said: "Brother, you hurt others, it is also hurt yourself; love
is in the care of their own people ah ! "

 point, a pencil, like a deflated balloon, hanging his head in shame.

 Instructor: Yin teacher

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