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Pear fruit to


									Pear fruit to a

 pear pear fruit to


  Pear Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province, Zhang Huashe Lou in the third grade Tan
  My family planted a pear tree, spring, white fragrant pear-borne waves. Sweet ditty
bees humming among the flowers in the honey. Summer, the fruit of pear trees
covered with green branches, the leaves are still green in the middle of hide and seek
like a naughty child. In the fall, the fruit of a mature, Dad took the ladder, climb up
the mature pear fruit picked and washed, and give us food. I have a bite, feel sweet
and crisp, once ate half full. In winter, the leaves gradually turn yellow before, falling
from the trees there were numerous places down to the land her mother's arms. Snow
have to fly atop a layer of thick branches, snow, seem to have covered with pure pear.
  Instructor: Xiufeng
  Comment: write a different season, landscape, extolling the pure white pear, sweet
pear fruit in return.

 Submission :2005-8-1916: 27:40
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