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					Past, present and future in the past now

 past, present future, have the

 past, present and future

 past, present and future
 Heilongjiang and Heilongjiang Province, Jiamusi best big city school to four-four,
Miss Yao
 hundred years past, is an altar aging wine

 bouquet makes soul-stirring

 is not good even if the occasional wine

 that is forgotten by the ancients

 wine was good, but the final intoxicating

 is now a string of bright pearls

 high priceless

 even if the price of an exaggeration

, but anyone with

 to regret all the extravagant

 future is a big balloon

 ball filled with colorful sun

 sandstorm and then even a large

 longing for the sky have to

 because the sand is after the sun
 no regrets in the past, to cherish now

 treasure now, to have the next

 to have a future, can have life

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