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 night special toothpaste mother

 night of special toothpaste
 night of special toothpaste
 Shanghai Institute Experimental Primary School 3 ( 5) Ban Chen Li Jie

  Women's Day every time, I will send my mother a special gift.
  7 March night, I lay in bed thinking: Tomorrow I should give her mother a gift? Yes,
I gave my mother squeezing toothpaste it!
  I set the alarm clock at three o'clock, and then to sleep. "Jingle bell, jingle bell."
Alarm clock rang, I stumbled out of bed and walk, a closer look, three o'clock. I went
to the bathroom, put toothpaste on a toothbrush to squeeze her mother. Haha, my
mother would certainly be surprised.
  The next morning, I woke up, it ran to the bathroom. Hey! Come back as more
clever, my mother right in the teeth. After brushing her teeth, told me: "Chen Li Jie,
toothpaste you squeeze it?" I said: "Yes ah, this is to send your gift." I thought my
mother would say good gifts, behold, she said: "You're more thoughtful, more and
more filial piety was."
  I was thinking: This is no ordinary toothpaste toothpaste, but the night's special

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