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					Naughty naughty little duck ducklings

 naughty little duck mother who

 naughty little ducklings

  naughty little ducklings
  Zhejiang Pinghu Town Central Primary School Zhapu III (4) Class Chen Jia Le
  day, Mother duck for a journey. Her baby and said: "I want to walk far, and I
prepared for you a big watermelon, enough for you to eat half a day, and you can not
leave half-step." So saying, Mother duck strode out.

  was not long before her second child, said: "Brother, we are first out to play you?"
Ranks the fourth, said: "Mother is not to say you can not leave home?" Boss said: "Go
away, Go away, we only play for a while, it does not matter. "talking, fourth eldest of
three with no choice but to play with them.

  They walked and walked, they came to a feng shui protection to the local. Red lotus
like a little girl. Willow sister a shower hair, really beautiful. Grass sister had just
drilled out the quilt. He jump to jumped into the river, they swam in a river. Good
time can be really happy ... ...

 At this time, Mother duck back. One opened the door, saw the house a mess. Mother
duck said angrily: "Who get's." Must get the little duck's, Mother duck is very angry.

 Mother duck went there and saw them fighting. Girl said: "These little ducks a
nuisance." She put them called up and criticized them.

 Instructor: Chunhua

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