Tips to increase your Google adsense revenue by patimahpepaya


									Tips to increase your Google adsense revenue

Many of the webmasters use only Google adsense program to generate revenue for there website cost
and for most of them Google adsense is the only program to monetize there website/blog.

Sometime they use lots fo tips and tricks to increase there adsense revenue and in the end they
got completly banned because of it.

My first tip would be create a separate account for Google adsense program because you never
know when your Google account will be deleted because of the violation of there TOS. So for
the safety point of view keep a separate account for Google adsense program.

# First of all read the adsense complete TOS . This will help you to understand the program
completely and in case if you trying any tips and trick you will know before hand that this trick
is going to generate revenue or might ban your Google adsense account.

# Update your website on regular basis. Google love website which serve them with fresha nd
regular contains.

# Organic traffic or search engine traffic is the best way to get traffic. Yaro-starak of
entrepreneurs journey stated that he gets almost 50-60% of traffic through search engines. You
can’t really rely on traffic via Digg, Stumbleupon and advertisemnt for long period.

# Experiment with your ad placement for 3-4 days. That will help you to know which si the ad
placement for your website.

# Ad placement is the place which we create and there is no Ground rule. For some of them it
work’s placing below post for some it works when placed above post or sidebar or header. It
totally depend on the type of website.

# SEO is very important as then only your traffic will increase and thus revenue.

I’m sure many of you here are already experimenting with this tips and I hope a success for you.

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