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									Naughty duck duck duck

 naughty duck dad it

  naughty duck
  one time, my father and I went to the jolly. We saw a man selling little duck, I call
my father bought me two. I put it home to raise.
  one day, uncle helped me to duck back down. I am very glad to see it! Its feathers are
many and white, except the following with a few black wings, other feathers are white.
It loves a clean, every time I take good water with bath tub, catch it in the pot inside,
it started a shower. It has been washing, washing it will not feel tired at noon. If you
see it, you will find it very cute, in fact, it only looks cute, it's character can be
naughty too! It is bath time, everywhere confused water. But also like to bite, and
today, sets out the rope in its feet, and Dad caught it, my father told me to give it on
the rope. It not only bite the hand of his father, but my head with its beak.
  although it is very naughty, but I still like it, it is only very lovely and playful
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