My mother loved the moon and the moon by fdjerue7eeu


									I love the moon and the moon mother

  Mid-Autumn Moon moms
  I love the moon and
  Mid-Autumn Festival to the monthly child fulfilled. Do you know what the moon it?
Let me flaunt it! A moon, Chang'e and Su'e, also Yu Chan and luminous, in addition to
name a more beautiful moon.
  This evening, I must take the full moon.
  night I happily go to the moon, the moon hiding from me? It does not come out, is
not want me to play it? I am unhappy return to the house.
  I'm watching the Mid-Autumn evening, my grandmother cried out: "The moon came
out!" I jump in surprise, and my mother ran out to see the moon. Moon stumbled, still
sleeping, on the clouds tearing around, while out for a while got into to it and we hide
and seek it!
  moon was bright, and she suggested to my father for a few photos with the moon, the
moon heard this, glad, pulled a side and only 12 stars, so they were photographed
father . Dad left a further one "click," up. Then my mother would like to quiz me a
poem about the moon, this is a small messenger to my mind the moon. I know can be
more, there is Tang Li Bai <<Nostalgia>>: "Moonlight,
suspected ground frost," Li's <<Horse Poems>>,
"desert sand like snow, like Yanshan month hook. "There are Wang Wei
<<Mountain Autumn Evening>>:" Moon Song
illuminates, the clear upper stone. "Mom and Dad I know how to really boast much, I
am extremely happy!
  moon is white as jade, moonlit soft, like the sun so warm, not like light so bright, it
only issued a touch of shimmer, who gave the night light the way home.
  I love the Moon! / Center>

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